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These Are Ways You Can Get Paid On Tiktok

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Do you know that there are multiple ways on how you can get paid on Tiktok. It is no longer a platform where people post dance or funny videos, but has now become a multipurpose platform. Even those people you see post such videos, you don’t know that they might already make thousands from it.

In this article, we are going to list down all the things that you can do to monetize you Tiktok account. You don’t just post your favorite videos, but you are able to cash out your bank.

What is Tiktok?

TikTok is a platform created in China and known there as Douyin. It is a short-form video hosting service owned by Chinese company ByteDance and hosts a variety of user videos, from genres like pranks, stunts, tricks, jokes, dance, and entertainment with durations from 15 seconds to ten minutes.

10 Ways You Can Get Paid On Tiktok

Your Own Business

Believe it not, thousands of business owners have moved to Tiktok and make it as their main social media platform. It is no longer Facebook or Instagram, but it is Tiktok. The reason why many choose this platform is because of the high engagement rate and your videos can get thru the For You Page (FYP) anytime without paying any cents like you need to do in other platforms. There are multiple businesses that have went into Tiktok like real estate, selling cars, selling products, and freelancers. Many have also shared that bringing their business into Tiktok have tripled their income and more.

Tiktok Creator Fund

Tiktok has allocated around USD200M In 2020 for creators that want to use their voices and creativity to spark inspirational careers. It is going to be a payout to those qualified creators. The amount allocated by Tiktok is expected to increase to USD1BN in 2023 due to the increase usage of the platform and the users.

The requirement for Tiktok Creator Fund is to meet the minimum age, have atleast 1000 followers, 1000 video views in your account the in last 30days, and posted atleast 3 videos in the last 30days. Once you are approved for Tiktok Creator Fund, you will unlock some tools, however this function depends on T&C: for those based in US, UK, France, Germany, Spain or italy, aged 18 years old, have 10000 followers, have 10000 video views in the last 30 days and an account that fits Tiktok Community Guidelines.


This tool only available for those that registered their account as a creator. Tiktok is going to give you the option to enable this function. The tips amount range from USD 5, 10, 50 or custom up to USD 100.

Tiktok Video Gifts

Tiktok video gifts function allow the users to purchase gifts for their creators’ livestream or in any regular videos. However, please bear in mind that Tiktok is going to keep their part of 50% from the earnings and the rest belong to the account owner which they will distribute a payout in diamonds form. Sounds not fair, but that is business.

Tiktok Livestream and Tiktok Live Shopping

These two livestreams is actually different in terms of their privileges and requirement for both types of live is that you only required to have atleast 1000 followers on your account. For normal livestream, the privilege you can get is only some gifts and there are many rules and regulations that you need adhere to. Failing to adhere to Tiktok policies will get your account banned for few days or permanently closed.

However, on the Tiktok Live Shopping, the rules are a bit loose as selling is highly recommended. As Tiktok know the demands for selling live has increased therefore they make this initiative. In order for you to start a Tiktok Live Shopping, you need to send request to Tiktok for the Tiktok and once it is approved, it will turn into scheduled live event that you can inform to your followers or to other platforms. Things and activities recommended inside the Tiktok Live Shopping are demos or tutorials, behind the scenes, variety programs, and product releases. You can also invite a moderator, host, or guest, make Q&A, use its filter and effects, and use its analytics.

Tiktok Creator Marketplace

Tiktok Creator Marketplace is created specially for creators in Tiktok platform. The main function is to allow creators collaborate with other creators or any brands for sponsorship. Once you are up for approval on any collaborations, please note that your collab partners can make the video as their Spark Ads, however the video you make would not appear in your account. However, there will be on top left of your video that is shown ‘Ads only’ which you can see in your account.

Other function, it also has the achievement badges for ‘Very responsive’ and ‘Power creator’ which helps you to appear more trustworthy to other creators and brands.


Sponsorship is different than Tiktok Creator Marketplace as it happens outside the Tiktok Creator Marketplace. You can find sponsorship by approaching any brands for sponsors or brands themselves can approach you for any job deals. Usually, the pay can be much higher than the ones in Tiktok Creator Marketplace as you can demand more.

Acts of sponsorship include showcasing the brand products in your video, the subs, or your description. Usually the creators will include the hashtag #sponsored in any parts of the video or the description.The cost range of Tiktok creators or influencers where some may able to earn up to $10000 per post are as below:

Nano-influencers: $5-$25 per post

Micro-influencers: $25-$125 per post

Mid-tier influencers: $125-$1250 per post

Macro-influencers: $1250-$2500 per post

Mega-influencers: $2500+ per post

Tiktok Seller Centre

Tiktok Seller Centre is a platform for you to sell your own products. You can access all the important informations such as number of orders, how much profits you gain, and you can also ship your orders here. To get into the Tiktok Seller Centre, you only need to have 1000 followers.

Tiktok Shop

This is different from Tiktok Seller Centre as it more of a platform for Tiktok Affiliate Marketing. This is the place for those that join affiliate with Tiktok where you can add multiple affiliate products availble and get paid the commissions from it. The percentage of commissions can be vary for different sellers.

Tiktok Ads

This is a platform to to advertise your brand or products on Tiktok, which is very similar to Facebook or Instagram ads. The results from the ad itself is where you gain sales, engagements, or website visits. You can use your own creatives such as images and videos, or you can refer to Tiktok Creative Centre.

There is another special function on Tiktok apart from Tiktok ads itself, it is the Spark Ads where Tiktok allows you to promote any videos on your account especially those that has high engagements. Those engagements such as the number likes, comments, and share will remain in Spark Ads.

How Social Leap Can Help With Your Business

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