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10 Viral Products on TikTok That Worth The Hype in 2022

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With over 1 billion active users per month in 2022 and an impressive more than 80% positive app review for multiple years, it’s no surprise that the online platform has been used for multiple purposes including E-commerce. With such a huge audience to tap into, businesses can use TikTok as their marketing tool.

If you think that your business is suitable making money on Tiktok, but you don’t know yet what products to sell, let’s take a dive into this article. We will elaborate 10 viral products on Tiktok that are worth the hype in 2022.

These Are 10 Trending Products To Sell on Tiktok


Who does not love good cosmetics brand? Cosmetics itself has a high demand across many platforms online including TikTok whether it is a major brand or just a small business. Nowadays, many brands have switched or added Tiktok as one of their marketing platform because of the good engagement rate and easy to use platform.

However, beauty enthusiasts know if the cosmetic products are made with good ingredients. Therefore, if you want to run for long term in this industry, you need to make a proper preparation such as study the right ingredients, conduct R&D, distribute free trials to consumers, take in their reviews, and make the right strategies before make it available to consumers.

If you do have a cosmetic brand, it is going to be such a profitable business that comes with lots of sacrifice in terms of money, time, and energy. But, what is a business without hardships right? Like Nike said “Just Do It”.


This is another good selling items on TikTok. However, you need to choose your own niches whether you would like to sell clothes for women, men, babies. Or are you interested in selling shoes, bags or maybe scarves?

All above are the most items that people sell in fashion industry. However, to start off, you need to find the suitable manufacturer that comes with good prices. Then, start making your TikTok contents and lives everyday so that your brand will have its most awareness among TikTok users.

Different people have different choice of business. If you think this is the right choice that suits you most, go for it.

LED Lights

We don’t like dull ambience for our bedroom, therefore something like led lights, colourful lights or even disco lamps add a bit of spice to it.

LED lights are easy to sell for its cheap prices and widely favored by audiences. However, do set your own specific target market such as those aged 18-30 years old. Younger than that, they are probably only look for it but do not really have money to buy, and older than that, they not going to be interested in these kind of things.

Because of its cheap prices, it will be easy to sell in many quantities. Therefore, it is one of the items that you should consider to sell on TikTok.


Star Projector

Star projector is similar to LED lights, it is to make your bedroom or any space in your house pleasant and pretty. It also a product that is easy to get in the market therefore you should not worry about its lack of production.

However, you should also know your own target market as this kind of product should only target young people around 18-30 years old. Other than that, it is only going to waste your time and money on making brand awareness and advertising.

Other than its cheap prices, it is also easy to sell because of its USP that makes your bedroom look pretty with those star appearances. Therefore, it is one of the items that you consider to sell.

Home and Kitchen Appliances

Let’s be honest, we rarely skip the videos and contents about home and kitchen appliances that do demos or reviews. This category focuses mainly to solve people’ problems.

For an example, a wireless charger that can charge any phone models, capsule detergents to wash your clothes, the mop that can spin its water to save your time, or that soap dispenser that you can easily press.

If you look carefully, all these items focus on its consumer problems. As humans tend to look or buy something that can make their problems lessen or disappear. Therefore, selling something that has a unique USP and solving problems are a better choice.

Cleaning Products

We really hate the stains that is hard to wash on our toilet, nor that drink spills on the carpet that is tough to go. Other than home and kitchen appliances, cleaning products are also a good catergory to sell.

Cleaning products such as liquid cleaner that you can use at home or for public use, for carpet cleaning, or for car cleaning. These products mainly can be used for many purposes.

This is a really good item to sell, and you should sell it on its own target market as those that love using cleaning products usually aged 20 and above.

Skincare Solutions

We really love those smooth and silky feeling on our skin. Having the right skincare equal to the famous line “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” but in skincare world.

So, what do you can actually sells on TikTok for skincare category? I would say the whole skincare steps from 1 until the end is the products that you can sell. Such as the facial wash, moisturizer, toner, serum, essence, sunscreen, mask, scrub, and shaving cream. For the skincare appliances, it would be skin scrubber, shaving products, and ice roller.

Skincare products is an essential needs for both men and women. You are going to need the facial wash to get rid all the impurities on your face, need that moiturizer to have a plump and healthy skin, or even the sunscreen to avoid freckles in the long term. Same goes to other skincare products, it is all equally important.


That rounded pearl necklace is going to make you look gorgeous, that gold ring engraved with your name fits your finger so well. Women and girls are crazy over this thing called jewellery.

You can easily sell jewellery to the right target market which is mainly women, however worry not as some men also bought it for themselves or their woman. Plus, there are lots of things you can add into your jewellery line such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, leg bracelet, or clothing accessories. Or even better, make it unisex.

This is a great idea to embark on your business, therefore if you think you are right for this category, go for it.

Hair Products

“Oh my god, your hair is gorgeous! Which salon did you go?”. “Girl, your hair looks so healthy, what are the tips?” are some lines we women love to hear. Even better, we actually did not do those at any salons but our comfy sweet home.

To have a good and healthy hair, it needs a really good product line. If you plan to make a business in this area, you can consider to sell handmade dry or wet shampoo, conditioner, serum, toner, hair oil, hair wax, hair mousse, hair creams, or hairsprays. For hair appliances and accessories, you can also include dryers, straighteners, claw clips, and scrunchies.

If you have high passion in hair products, then this category is for you. Have a fun ride!


This category also is one of the highest items that are being sold on Tiktok other than fashion items. You do not have to worry about demands since they are lots of buyers for this one.

What kinds of electronic items that you can sell? It would be phones especially Iphone, laptops, watches, powerbanks, and chargers. It would be even better if your items come with installment as some people don’t really have the money but need it, and some have not yet receive their salary.

If you have a love for electronic things, try sell this category. It is going to make a high profit as well. Good luck!

Final Thoughts

No matter what you decide to sell, make sure to do try and error. Aim the right target market, put a price that you can get margin in return, and sell items that actually have demands. Some things might work for others, but will not work for you. Be careful when deciding in business to avoid any further losses and actually scale up your business.

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