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8 TikTok UGC Content Ideas Worth the Try (2022)

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With over 1 billion active users monthly, there are no doubt making anything in this platform will definitely going to benefit you. There are lots of genres you can choose for your TikTok UGC content ideas no matter you own a business or for personal career.

Here are some quick demographic statistics on TikTok:

  • 57% of users identify as female
  • More than 52%  of users are between the ages of 18 and 24,
  • 34% of users are between the ages of 25 and 34

If you are a content creator, social media manager, or a business owner looking for ideas for your videos or even ads, keep reading to discover all 8 TikTok content ideas for you to try.

How Often Should You Post on TikTok

To increase your chance for your account to be discovered, we recommend you to post daily. However, there have been many tips being shared that posting 3 times a day on morning, afternoon and evening are actually a better way. You also can check the the best posting times for TikTok so you can reach your own target audience effectively.

For your contents, it must be matched with the interest of your target audience and benefit them in any ways. TikTok is as clever as Facebook and instagram, it will help your account to fit its algorithm as long your contents are relevant and useful.

8 TikTok UGC Content Ideas You Should Try

Tips or Tutorials

Whether it’s a video on how to grow your plant, how to style your outfits, or how to bake. It is as general as it can be, no limitations. Interestingly, TikTok users are more attracted to UGC type of contents, where a real person showcase or put themselves in the video showing.

You need to find your niche first, as you cannot focus on many things. That way, you can become professional in one account. Even in one niche itself, there are lots of things you can elaborate and make points.

If you lack ideas on how to start, i’m giving you an example of plant niche. You can start by introducing why you have interest in the topic, introduce types of plants, and basically storytelling first so that people can get a view on what you are trying to do.


As on above, we said that you can use storytelling to talk about the previous niche, however in this one we are going to talk about the storytelling itself. If you are interested in storytelling, you can start with any purpose like inspiring, informing, entertaining, advocating, or even make awareness. In this niche, you can do unlimited topics.

If you do not where to start, start by the talking the simple thing about your day, the favorite foods you ate today, interesting places you went to today, or you opinions on certain things. You can also having your peers to share the stories with you or you can do it yourself.

This niche are like the most easiest thing you can do as there are not lots of setup that you need to do. Just turn on the camera, talk, and post it. The people that love the things you talk about will start hooked and follow you.

Inspirational Quote

Nowadays, there are lots of contents focusing on motivational and inspirational quotes. If the video hits your own thoughts or real experiece, you are definitely going to watch it. Maybe on your most bad days, you need words that comfort and lift you.

It can go for many things such as lifting someone motivation in their career, or pushing them to pursue that dreams, or even to continue their life. Even my TikTok account is filled with motivational accounts because in my opinion words are power, and the more you hear it each day, the more it helps you.

You can try this if you have the passion of editing videos and find quotes that suit your target audience. Good luck!

Funny or Entertainment

You tell me, there will be atleast one funny account that you love to watch. TikTok itself is an entertaining app, so this type of contents are really TikTok’s foods.

You can start by sharing your funny experience, or focus on pranking angle, or even do one to one session to share funny thoughts in their mind. For entertainment side, show something that people will be entertained such as any videos like humans reaction, animals reaction, music, acting, and more.

This is a broad content so you can easily find what to create as you can start by making funny videos, and then maybe switch to entertaing videos.

Random Thoughts/Rant

There are some accounts that love to hop on the bandwagon of daily news or viral news. So they will actually reviews or comments on all the viral topics that people are talking about. And these type of contents and accounts will have many followers as they are like the middle person to convey thoughts on what’s happening recently.

You can do random thoughts on current happening events or even thoughts and rant of yourself. This is like a storytelling thing but in a more rational way as you are likely to discuss and invite people’ opinions on the topics.

I would recommend those that would love to do this need to be a person that is talkative or atleast have good judgment of opinions. As this thing need you to elaborate, rationalize, and commenting on the topic you are talking about. This is to avoid you from making yourself a fool.

Trending Contents/Events

Have you noticed that TikTok always has new trending contents such as new music, filter, or even topics. Jump on this bandwagon so do not feel left out by the TikTok community. It does not matter whether the trend is from 6 months ago or just recently, people are still going to watch it.

Other than trending contents on TikTok, there are also trending events. I would give an example such as foods review, technological review, and Shopee unboxing review. These are all the trending events and always has a fresh content being uploaded. People are going to multiple restaurants or demonstrating foods to review, reviewing technological things like latest iPhone and ipad, or shopee haul unboxing.

You might thing this type of contents need lots of money but you can actually get it for free and being paid. If you have a name in TikTok, you can ask brands to collaborate or invite you to review or you can do affiliate marketing which you promote their products but still get paid.


So you know how to play guitar, and decided to showcase it to TikTok platform. Or you know how to cook, and decided to start it on TikTok to gain views. And why you should start TikTok? It simply has 1 billion active users monthly in 2022, therefore getting high engagements in this platform is easy peasy if you play it right.

To start off with talents contents, you need to consistently upload your videos and reply with people request. As some people on the comments will actually contribute ideas for your next contents as probably they want you to play Harry Styles’ new song or maybe if do cooking niche, they would like to see you making handmade pasta from Italy. Chef’s kiss!

It is not going to be hard if it is your profession and talent, as every person will know what to do with their own talents and favorite hobbies. Wishing all the best for you.

Small Business

People including myself love to see achievement by small businesses. Even by the time i’m writing this, i’m still watching and following those small businesses from the start of their small days until their big successes now. Any contents from a small business would do such as behind the scenes of packing orders, making your orders, receiving big stocks in the warehouse, or even show your achievement such as opening a new store or successfully bought a car.

If you want to start sharing your small business into the world, you can start by doing all the small things and the above ones. If you lack ideas, just show your daily packing orders while storytelling, or show you organize all the stocks.

The benefit of small businesses joining TikTok are that they have a chance to discovered outside their own country as Tiktok has a function of For You Page (FYP), where if you are chosen, your videos will appear more than just your country. Many small businesses have shared their success and multiple increases in their sales. If they can do it, so do you.

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