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6 TikTok Live Ideas Worth the Try (2022)

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With over 1 billion active users monthly, there are no doubt making anything in this platform will definitely going to benefit you. There are lots of ideas you can choose for your TikTok live or TikTok live shopping no matter you own a business or for personal reasons.

Here are some quick demographic statistics on TikTok:

  • 57% of users identify as female
  • More than 52%  of users are between the ages of 18 and 24,
  • 34% of users are between the ages of 25 and 34

If you are a content creator, social media manager, or a business owner looking for ideas for your lives, keep reading to discover all 6 TikTok live ideas for you to try.

How Often Should You Live on TikTok

To increase your chance for your account to be discovered, we recommend you to do live daily. The amount of lives daily do not matter but the more should be good. The purpose of you doing live is to make your followers always catch up on you. You also can check the the best posting times for TikTok so you can correlate with your live schedule and see when are most times that your followers are active.

6 TikTok Live Ideas You Should Try

Demo or Tutorial

Whether it’s a demo how to grow your plant, how to style your outfits, or how to bake. It is as general as it can be, no limitations. Interestingly, TikTok users are more attracted to demo or tutorial type of contents, where a real person showcase or put themselves in the act.

You need to find your niche first, as you cannot focus on many things. That way, you can become professional in one account. Even in one niche itself, there are lots of things you can elaborate and make points.

If you lack ideas on how to start, i’m giving you an example of plant niche. You can start by introducing why you have interest in the topic, introduce types of plants, and basically storytelling first so that people can get a view on what you are trying to do.

Behind the Scenes (BTS)

Have you ever seen business owners show their behind the scenes when they are receiving stocks, packing orders, or even selling? Yes, behind the scenes is actually one of the tips to convince people that what you do is legit. They need proof and they want to see it.

Making a behind the scenes live is not hard. You just need the camera and record it while interacting with viewers. Do you know that when you add interactions, people are going to be more hooked in your live.

If you have something to show such as what you do daily then you can go for this type of live.

Variety Program

People get easily bored when you always repeat the same things. How about you add a little spice into your live?

What do i mean by this is if you are used to do demo lives, how about you more storytelling, behind the scenes videos, or even more interacting with viewers like answering their questions.

When you put variety in your live, it will become interesting and i am sure your viewers will increase day by day.

Product Releases

Live is one of the effective way when you are releasing a new product. You can schedule the live before informing your followers that there will be product releases so they will be more ready.

To make the live more interesting, include promotions following your releases, or free gift for few viewers, giving luckydraw, and most importantly show and speak out of the benefits of your products and why they should have it.

If you have a plan like this for your business, you should consider to do it on TikTok live as well to access your followers and also users worldwide.

Invite A Moderator/Host/Guest

Having a guest in your live should be more interesting. Even having a guest in your daily life or those that comes to your house make the situation more lively.

Things you can do when having extra person in your live maybe exchanging opinions, casual talk, or interacting with the viewers.

If you do not have anyone to invite, that would not be a problem. If you do, it is delighting and please make sure to use the opportunity.

Question & Answer (Q&A)

We love it when someone answers our questions! Whether if we want to make sure of something, or curious about a product, or even just casually asking.

Make this function available in your live so that you can add a variety to avoid your viewers get bored. If you want to add any of the points above, that would be even better.

If you want your viewers to know you better and clear their doubts, then you should make this Q&A function available.

Final Thoughts

You can include anything in your live, as long as it adheres to TikTok policy and guidelines. Varieties in something interest people and humans tend to get bored. Therefore, some of the tips above could be useful for you to use.

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