Tiktok Ads vs. Facebook Ads: Which Is More Effective?

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The world of digital marketing is changing rapidly. With the rise of users in each social media platforms, businesses are now able to advertise their products and services in a variety of ways from Facebook Ads to TikTok Ads.

Therefore, which platform between these two do you think more effective? In this article, we will discuss the multiple metrics that you can compare between Facebook Ads and TikTok Ads so you can make the most out of comparison.

What is Facebook Ads and Tiktok Ads?

Facebook ads are a form of online advertisement that appear on places like a user’s Facebook newsfeed or in other parts of Facebook and can be targeted to specific audiences. The numbers speak for itself too. 93% of social media marketers use Facebook Ads to grow their brand.

On the other hand, Tiktok Ads is a way to get your brand in front of people while they’re creating or watching video any contents on TikTok. With over 1 billion monthly active users, it’s a channel you don’t want to miss out.

There are three primary components to any good ad: the first few seconds to grab attention, the offer, and call to action. Remember to make it emotional. Hit their pain points and give them an exciting reason to click the ad otherwise it will collect dust.

What Metrics Are We Going To Compare?

There are several main metrics that can be used compare performance on both platforms Tiktok Ads and Facebook Ads. For the metric itself, there are multiple metrics that are available however these metrics below are the ones that is most used by marketers and available on both platforms:

1. Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors that actually make a conversion action on your site. This is a top-level metric that tells you how well your site is transitioning visitors to leads or customers. You can look at another metric conversion, however conversion rate is much more useful as you get to see the percentage of overall users that come to your website that actually interested in your products or services.

Conversion rate on both platform Tiktok and Facebook will be weighed more on Facebook Ads as the number of users on the platform itself is higher than Tiktok. However, the users on Tiktok are rather making impulsive buying therefore Tiktok have a higher conversion rate within a short period of time. You decide on which platform you would use for your ads however it is advisable for you to perform trial and error first as some things work for other people, but might not work on us.

2. CTR (Click-Through Rate)

Click-through rate is the number of users that actually click on your provided link , it is a percentage from the total of impressions on the ad. For an example, you have a total of daily impressions of 2000 people on your ad, however the number of people that actually click the link to your website are 700 people, therefore that is why percentage metrics are more of a fair measure rather than numbered metrics themselves.

The good number of CTR for both platforms is equal which is 1%-3%, some are higher which is good. However, Tiktok tends to have a lower than targeted CTR percentage but it is expected for both platforms to have major changes in the percentage in the future when the number of users arise.

3. CPC (Cost Per Click)

Cost per click or in other words CPC is a revenue metric model that is billed to your account for the number of times visitors actually click on your advertisement. The good cost for CPC for both platforms is equally fall below RM 1.00.

4. Impressions

This metric is the number of times your ads have appeared in paid search ads to people on the platforms. Impressions can help you to calculate brand awareness.

However, total impression for both platforms are going to have much different as Facebook users are higher compared to Tiktok users. As of Facebook latest July report, the amount of active users on Facebook monthly is 2.93 billion people compared to Tiktok active monthly users which is 1 billion people.

Therefore, it is understandle that Facebook Ads is going to have a higher conversion rate versus Tiktok Ads. However, Tiktok on the other side wins the faster conversion rate versus Facebook Ads.

Final Thoughts

We recommend testing TikTok Ads while they’re cheap and new than Facebook Ads. However, Facebook Ads still wins more features side and the ability to advertise on Instagram, which Tiktok doesn’t have. In either ways, there are many pros and cons for each platform, therefore give it a try for your brand.

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