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Based on our research and experience,

more than 50%

doing bad ads!

Are these problems
familiar to you?

You run multiple campaigns only to donate to Mark Zuckerberg. No Results!

Attending classes to create and edit good ads. But none are winning you sales!

You receive likes on your content, only to realize they were BOTS! 

Paying a fortune to influencers for content only to achieve ordinary results 

Facebook ads? Instagram ads? Tiktok Ads? Where do you start?

Add them all up. Congratulations, you’ve wasted over RM10,000!

So What Is The Solution?

You need a team of digital marketing professionals

FB Ads Performance Marketer

Expected Salary: RM 2,500/month

Content Creator

Expected Salary : RM 2,500/month

Influencer Marketer

Expected Salary : RM 2,500/month

Email Marketer

Expected Salary : RM 2,500/month

Creative Strategist

Expected Salary : RM 2,500/monthly

Data Analyst

Expected Salary : RM 2,500/month

On average, a good marketing team costs RM 20,000!

“waaa so expensive meh

Yes we heard you saying that….

More than 20 clients


Let us bless you too!

“We know that we can save you thousands 

What you need to spend is only between RM3000-RM5000 to get a good team

Start spending on things that ACTUALLY matter 

From there you will see being a millionaire is very achievable”

Amirul Mu'min bin Shaharul Badri
CEO/Managing Director Social Leap Sdn Bhd

Meet Your Future Team Members

Social Leap increased our profit margin by 350% !  From RM 120,000 in sales  to RM 280,000 in just one month !


Wan Zharif – CEO Ecaque Fruit Cake (Read their story here)

Familiar faces who took the leap with us

Our Service

We Run Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok Ads for YOU

So you don’t need to

We Create Content for YOU

But we can use yours too

“Social Leap managed to give our brand exposure throughout the nation and increased our sales up to 3x. Something we thought we could never achieve! Thank you so much Amirul & Team”

Shaharul & Hayati – Founder Dinda Mee Sanggul (Read their case study here)

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