10 Fashion Business Ideas That You Didn’t Think Of

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Do you have a passion on wanting to pursue your own dreams as a fashion designer? Or you are that type that loves to make your own clothes rather than buying any brands? Then we are here to help you as we are going to breakdown the list of fashion business ideas that you can consider to pursue. Fashion businesses alone represent a multibillion-dollar industry, with numbers continuing to increase until this day which definitely going to benefit you in the long run.

In this article, we are going to list down all the perfect business opportunities that you can do in the fashion businesses. Read until the end so you do not miss any of the information.

How to start a fashion business

Firstly, you need to know which niche you would like go in the fashion businesses. Ranging from multiple opportunities such as having your own clothing brand, shoe brand, watches brand, and the list goes on.

Once you found your own niche, you can start these lists below that we prepare for you on how to begin your own beauty business:

1. Prepare a thorough business plan

This business plan will consist all your plans for the business from A-Z such as your niche, your initial capital, strategic location, suppliers, online platforms license, and etc.

2. Start off with your closed ones

Getting new people to acknowledge your new brand is difficult. Therefore, you can start with your closed ones’ by asking their help to promote on their social medias or thru referring. People are more likely to be influenced when there are testimonial or review from those they know.

3. Focus on a signature product line instead of going all in

Starting small is a way to go, as you can focus more on improving the existing ones instead of adding new ones along the way. Scattered behaviour is a bad thing making you not finishing most of the things. When you get a certain signature product line that people love, stick onto improving it and add some subproduct or complementary to the product.

4. Receive with open hands reviews

No matter good or bad reviews, take them all in. The good ones, you can showcase it to the world to uplift your brand. The bad ones, take into consideration for improvement. Either way, they will help your brand from time to time.

10 Fashion Business Ideas You Need To Consider

Clothing Line

Most fashion designers and brand owners are very fussy and particular when it comes to their taste of fashion. That is why most own brands are very unique and special in terms of their designs, which is very different than common brands. If you do have the interest in pouring your own creativity and imagination into something solid, making your own clothing line is one of it.

To start off with making own clothing line, there are few things you need to begin with. Firstly, you need to start designing. This is where your chance to creatively shine. The first design you release to the market really says a lot about the brand and you as a designer so make sure you are crafting something that you can use as the calling card going forward. However, do not forget the practicality which is whatever youa re designing need to be produced in a cost-effective manner.

Secondly, you need to find a reliable clothing manufacturer. Why would i say reliabie? As most of the time the fabric manufacturers will be based anywhere especially in the world so the communication gap will exist, therefore can cause several issues such as transportation issue or less productions that do not meet at par with your requests. You may want to travel to see the factory in person, but for new designers, the entire process will be better done via phone or email. Other than having your own clothing manufacturer, you can also start local which is hiring local people to do the whole process for you or if you want to do all the source, cut, measurement, and sew, there should be no problem too.

Thirdly, you need to choose your brand name, logo, market audience, and price point. After the manufacturing begins to run its course, you can start planning how your brand is going to look like to the eyes of the world. Choose a brand name, logo that suits your whole existence as a brand, do the market research of what kinds of market that meets your needs, and choose a cost that is going to cover all your production costs until a customer buys your product.

Lastly, you need to have your own marketing plan. Are you planning to go for traditional marketing or digital marketing? Whichever suits your needs, plan it accordingly to your budget and in a cost-effective manner. If you are on a tight budget, going online or thru digital marketing marketing should be the best forte as it cuts plenty of costs. You can start launching thru Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok where most fashion avid are based in.

Eventually, you are ready to soft launch your whole brand to the entire world. Once you have a proof of concept which is the clothing that you can sell in limited quantities, you’re ready to loop in potential business partners and co-investors. Yes, it would be nice to own your business outright and keep all of your future profits. But as most business owners start to scale up, they need access to capital. Taking on a business partner who can provide that capital in exchange for a cut is the most traditional way to do this.

Shoe Line

Shoe line business is very similar to clothing line business or any fabric based businesses. From the beginning process of sourcing, producing, marketing, and selling, it all resemble each other. If you do have the interest in making your own shoe brand, keep reading as we are going to reveal all the secret sauces here.

To start off with making own shoe line, you need to know what gender that you are going to serve ranging from men, women, kids or even plus-size shoes. As each niche going to need lots of your contribution as they come in multiple designs and sizes. Choose one or few niches that you would like to produce so that you can begin all the processes.

To even start own shoe brand, you need to have a high imagination to start designing. This is where you show your most creativity. Use the first ever design you released as the calling card going forward. Therefore, a proper planning is needed when launching the first ever product as it is going to be first people’ impressions. Then, you need to find the right manufacturer to meet your production needs, choosing the right name, logo, target market, and pricing that suit your brand.

Lastly, launch a proper marketing plan. To have a cost-effective marketing, we advise you to start promoting online thru Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok as these platforms has the most fashion avid users. When your brand already grow enough, you can start delve in with business partners or investors to make it a more ever succeed business.

Bag and Handbag Collection

Are you finding another good venture that worths the invest in the fashion industry? Then, you should discover more about bag and and handbag business. It does sounds like you need lots of capital to begin with, but there is actually few ways to begin with low cost.

Fabric based businesses are actually low cost if you know where to dig the right manufacturers locally or internationally. Most low-cost manufacturers are based in countries like China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. Once you found your manufacturer, do all the necessities such as testing multiple designs and productions, quality check the product, marketing, and up until selling to customers. Once you grow enough, you can introduce the dropship strategy where you find those that are interested to dropship your products, from there your production will increase and can eventually become a local manufacturer.

Fashion business alone is a multibillion dollar industry, and bags and handbags are not an exception. Play it right with the right strategy and you are good to last long in this industry.

Watches Collection

Are you a collector of watches or a fan of a good-made watch? Have you ever crossed your mind that we can actually do business with watches? Rather than splurging money on collecting watches, how about you make money from it?

To make a good watch itself, you should use a good quality components and parts. Find a great manufacturer that supply good quality of steel and glass. As most components of making a watch ranging from steel and glass such as bezel, crown, strap, lug ends, dialers, the circle part of the watch, and the crystal glass.

Once you finished the production of the watch, you can market the products to your target audiences. Either you want your products to be low-tier, mid-tier, or high- tier class, the price and the budget to market it also depends on your target audiences.

Belt Collection

This is another interesting fashion collection – belt. The belt loves also comprises only some part of the fashion industry which is it’s not as many as other fashion niches. If you are looking for something different than usual, you can try this.

Making belts are easy if you know well enough on how to make it. You first need to find suppliers for your ranging of materials such as thermoplastics, metal, rubber, fabric or leather, depends on what materials you want to use for the strap. Then for the other parts, you need materials such as steel, canvas clothes, glue, dye, beeswax, and much more. Finally, you can do some trimming, polishing, finishing, and your product is complete.

Making belt collection business is highly profitable if you aim the right target market. It also has high demands for some fashion lovers that love adding accessories and complements to their daily outfit. Therefore, it’s highly a recommended business to venture in.

Hat or Cap Collection

This is another favourite complementary for any fashion lovers. It suits many occasions and definitely making your outwear look so much better. Are you interested to know whether this can turn into a business? Let’s sip the tea.

So what are the benefits of running a hat and cap business? Firstly, the materials itself comes with a low cost prices, and secondly, it is easily to penetrate into the market as long the products provide a value to the customers such as durability, the materials not easy to tear, the colours not easy to fade, and it should fit many occasions.

Try venturing into this business and market it in the online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok. You also can have your own website to set apart your brand from other competitors rather than being in a sharing e-commerce platforms such as Shopee and Lazada.

Eyewear Collection

Whether it is fashion eyewear or prescription eyewear, both has their own business ventures. However, in this article, we are only going to talk about the fashion eyewear.

To start off, you need to decide what type of eyewear you would like to go in this business either sunglasses or contact lenses or both, and what gender and theme you would like to set for your brand. There are multiple types of sunglasses styles that you can create such as aviator, wayfarer, round, rimless, sport, shield, biker, and more. For the contact lenses, there are few types available such as soft lenses, silicone hydrogel lenses, gas permeable lenses, and hybrid lenses that come with variety of colours with the option of added lenses solution.

Eyewear are easily to sell as it comes with such an affordable price, and fashionistas love to add them as a complementary. Whether it’s for the sunny weather, chilling moments, the beaches, or any daily fashion fits. So, we would say that this eyewear business is definitely going to be profitable in the long run as long you produce a dependable eyewear with a nice price, not a knockoff price though.

Fashion Guru or Influencer

Nowadays especially in the year 2022, many are making success by being a Guru or an influencer. If you have the talent such as friendly, witty, and have lots of knowledge to share and talk about, this is the perfect role for you. Amount of followers doesn’t matter as people will eventually show their interests to such talented people.

Where should start to become a fashion guru or influencer? If you are more into blogging or writing, you can hop on a blog, Twitter, and Facebook as those are sharing platforms and you are free to write anything. If you are someone that likes to be in front of a camera, you should try be on Youtube and Tiktok.

Either ways, they will generate lots of profits for you. For an example, blogging or writing can end up with opportunities coming to you such as requests for review, modelling, or even become an ambassador for a brand if they find you are the right suit for them. For Youtube and Tiktok, you can make a huge profits from it plus if you have other social medias platforms, then it will be doubled up for you such as reviews, modelling, ambassador, and etc.

Image: The famous fashion Guru ‘Iris Apfel’

Personal Stylist

Are you someone that likes to work independently and have your own schedule? Sometimes, working on your own is more fulfilling. If you feel this is your best talent, we are here to help you on discovering this path.

So, how do you actually start becoming a personal stylist? Whether you are previously worked in a fashion industry or you are independently use your creativity, both of you can do this. The most important in being a stylist is that you know to match and mix various of attires and colours. What accessories suits this type of dress? What skirt should i go to match the blouse i’m wearing? Or what color of hat should i wear with this outfit? All of this needed a high creativity or the looks you are creating will look funny and not stylish at all.

This field has less of competitors and somehow has high demands among those that can afford it especially rich people, businessmen and women, celebrities, or public figures. Why does it has high demand among these people? It is because simply that they can afford it and they do not have time to think about petty matters such as what colour should they be wearing today. So, if styling is really your best forte, you should go for it.

Book or E-book

Are you someone that is good at writing or elaborating your points? Or do you finally think after all the works done, you also need to produce a book to provide your followers with a solid proof? Then you can consider this type of business.

How do you produce a book or an E-book? I would say firstly is you need to be an expert in the things you are writing about. If you are good at designing, why would you actually do modelling? If you are good at business, why would you do 9-5? The more you are an expert at something, the more make sense your knowledge will be. Secondly, once you finish all your writings, print it out and make a copy online to be sold. Find a place to sell such as bookstore or an e-commerce platform such as Shopee.

Selling a book or E-book are easily to make profits. As your only costs are your time, your knowledge and some low costs printed papers. If its written online, then it only cost you your time and your knowledge.

How Social Leap Can Help With Your Fashion Business Ideas

Starting your own business is both profitable and enjoyable. However, the journey is not as easy as ABC. You need to do the management, accounting, organic reach, and also digital marketing. The rest you can do it on your own however for digital marketing there are lots of aspects you need to look on and have specific strategies.

Rather than you hire your own Facebook Ads Specialist, Tiktok Ads Specialist, Google Ads Specialist, Creative Designer or even renting a space to place them, and the list goes on… which the spendings can reach up to RM20K monthly. With our help, you can cut it more than half of the costs as we provide all the digital marketing essentials.

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