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The Right Way to Do Brand Positioning: An Effective-Based Approach

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Creating a consistent brand image can increase your company’s revenue by up to 23%. Just by outlining a clear and consistent brand positioning strategy, your company can bring in more clients, make more money, and optimize all of its marketing efforts.

Developing a brand positioning strategy can only come after you have run market segmentation and outlined your targeting. Once you are done, you can finally get to the most impactful and powerful parts of your overall marketing strategy — positioning.

What is Brand Positioning?

Brand positioning is the process of deciding how you want your customers to think of you. 

When you’re selling products and producing content, it’s likely that there is a certain emotiom and affinity you want to elicit. Hence, you’re looking to position your brand in a certain way.

Brand positioning is more than simply producing a logo or a jingle. Done right, it can help you set your business apart from every other competitor out there, even if you’re selling more or less identical products.

To build the right positioning strategy, you should:

  • Outline the key needs of target customer segments;
  • Define the positioning strategy based on those needs, or what marketers call discovering your target audience’s ‘reason to believe’;
  • Highlight your brand’s differentiation points (competitive advantage traits); and
  • Create a marketing plan based on all the steps you’ve taken above.

What we’ll focus on here is the value-based approach to brand positioning.

Why is Effective-Based Brand Positioning Important?

The main thing to understand is that positioning has less to do with product characteristics and rational features; it’s all about perceptions and you taking control of the narrative that consumers are associating with your business. 

With a clear brand positioning framework, your business can tell consumers why you’re different from others. By setting yourself apart, you can strengthen your relationship with your existing customers. It can also reassure your company that customers will be more likely to choose your product over a competitor’s product.

Why is Brand Perception Important?

Like strong brand positioning, strong brand perception can help your company be more successful. It’s more than finding the right keywords or meeting user intent.

If you associate your brand with positive traits that your target market appreciates, your target customers are more likely to buy from you. In turn, you make more sales and raise profits.

Whenever your customers are faced with a choice between your company and another, they make mental notes about what they know about each company. Whether consciously or subconsciously, that individual decides which company to buy from based on these mental notes.

The VBBP Framework Explained

VBBP, or visual-based brand perception, refers to how consumers recognize a brand visually.

All in all, brand perception is the representation that a consumer has about a particular business. Consumers form brand perceptions based on a number of criteria:

  • Online reviews
  • News stories
  • Friends’ recommendations
  • Personal experiences
  • External marketing consumption (ads, social media, etc.). 

Regardless of what your company claims to be like, consumers may form a different opinion of what your company actually is. Brand perception relates to brand positioning because they are both forms of communicating a brand’s message to its customers.

The more you work at creating a certain brand persona, the more your consumers will be able to associate your company with that persona, aka themselves.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to create a brand positioning strategy, you have to think about tying it in with your overall marketing efforts.

Each customer segment that’s triggered by more tailored messaging needs to be approached with a specific marketing plan and mix to help you fine-tune and maximize your brand communication efforts.

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