The Best Time To Post On TikTok In Malaysia

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TikTok is a leading social media platform that has attracted millions of users from all over the world. As of 2022, the TikTok app has about 1 billion active users monthly. Therefore, it makes TikTok as one of marketing platform that people choose.

In this article, we are going to talk about the best time for you to advertise on TikTok so you can get most results from it. Read until the end to get all the secrets that we are spilling.

What Is The Best Time to Post on TikTok ?

TikTok is a versatile platform as it allows you to create contents and schedule it anytime you want. However, we do recommend you to schedule on peak hours.

These are the best times for you to post on TikTok Malaysia:

Monday5.00 AM, 7.00 PM, 9.00 PM
Tuesday11.00 AM, 3.00 PM, 5.00 PM, 10.00 PM
Wednesday8.00 PM, 9.00 PM
Thursday12.00 PM, 10.00 PM, 1.00 AM 
Friday8.00 AM, 6.00 PM
Saturday2.00 AM, 3.00 AM; 12.00 AM
Sunday8.00 AM, 9.00 AM, 8.00pm, 9.00pm, 

And, these are the best times for you to post on TikTok Globally:

Keep in mind times will be different depending on your content and location, target market, and demographics. Your best time to post may not be the same as the global ones. You need to perform to a trial and error so you can see what works the best for you.

Strategies To Discover The Best Posting Time For You

There are some simple steps you can take if you want to discover the best times for you to post your contentsThese simple steps can be done easily. Below are the steps:

1. Switch to TikTok Pro Account

Inside the TikTok Pro Account, you will be able to see all the datas linked to your account. These include where most of your viewers come from, total daily views and total likes. You can also see other multiple informations when you switch to TikTok Pro account.

2. TikTok Analytics

TikTok Analytics is where you can get informations about your account and contents. It will have many graphs and pie charts that you can easily understand. Experimenting from the data will be useful for you contents and engagements.


3. Your Followers Most Active Times

The demographics of followers for every TikTok account differs so there is no formula for when they are most active. It will also depends on the content, interests, and demographics of your followers. If you’re in Malaysia, do make sure to convert any time given to the local time zone.However, if you have majority of Malaysian followers, you might not have comform it.


4. Your Most Engaged Videos Pattern

One of the most effective strategies when it comes to knowing when and what to post on TikTok is to depend on how your content performs. If you have a viral post, that’s better as you can see what made it so successful.

5. Other Social Media Platforms Analytics

You may want to consider other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram or others’ such as its posts and ads as a reference for your followers most active times. Some platforms has their own analytics so you might as well utilise that function for the benefits.

Final Thoughts

The general answer for best time to post on TikTok in Malaysia would be between 8am-12pm and 7pm-11pm daily in local time. However, you also need to do your own research as all TikTok videos perform differently. The peak engagement periods for TikTok videos depends very much on its content, the origin of its viewers and more.

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