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10 Beauty Business Ideas That You Didn’t Think Of

Do you have a passion on wanting to pursue your own beauty hobbies? Then we have the list for beauty business ideas for you. Beauty businesses alone represent a multibillion-dollar industry, with numbers continuing to increase until this day. It is definitely going to benefit you in the long run.

In this article, we are going to list down all the perfect business opportunities or freelancing that you can do in the beauty businesses. It goes from having your own produced cosmetics and products, reselling others’ brand, or even do some freelancing.

How to start a beauty business

Firstly, you need to know which niche you would like go in the beauty businesses. Ranging from multiple opportunities such as hair artist, makeup artist, aesthetic clinics, spa & salon, and the list goes on.

Once you found your own niche, you can start these lists below that we prepare for you on how to begin your own beauty business:

1. Prepare a thorough business plan

This business plan will consist all your plans for the business from A-Z such as your niche, your initial capital, strategic location, suppliers, online platforms license, and etc.

2. Start off with your closed ones

Getting new people to acknowledge your new brand is difficult. Therefore, you can start with your closed ones’ by asking their help to promote on their social medias or thru referring. People are more likely to be influenced when there are testimonial or review from those they know.

3. Focus on a signature product line instead of going all in

Starting small is a way to go, as you can focus more on improving the existing ones instead of adding new ones along the way. Scattered behaviour is a bad thing making you not finishing most of the things. When you get a certain signature product line that people love, stick onto improving it and add some subproduct or complementary to the product.

4. Receive with open hands reviews

No matter good or bad reviews, take them all in. The good ones, you can showcase it to the world to uplift your brand. The bad ones, take into consideration for improvement. Either way, they will help your brand from time to time.

10 Beauty Business Ideas You Need To Consider

Hair Artist/Makeup Artist

Have you ever sometimes look at someone’s hair or makeup and feel like wanting to fix it? Or sometimes even those hair artists or makeup artists are so bad at what they are doing and they need classes? If you feel this is your best talent, you need to step in and show your capabilities.

So, how do you start becoming a hair artist or makeup artist? If you are someone needing a Guru, you can work as a fresher at any salons, or if you don’t then Youtube can be your Guru. After that, practice your knowledges in real life by applying all those techniques on real people.

These skills are highly in demand as hair and makeup products are expensive and people rather hire someone to do it for them. Plus, they are going to get a professional look as they are hiring a skilled talent. You can make easy money from this niche and build your personal branding along the way.

Aesthetic Clinic

Aesthetic clinics are way growing too fast nowadays in Malaysia as people are more aware about beauty needs nowadays. Plus, most aesthetic clinics come with affordable prices, plans and installments so if some are on a tight budget, it should be no problem for them.

How do you actually open one aesthetic clinic? Usually, aesthetic clinics will be needing a doctor or a specialist in those field as those things need to be done by those that are really qualified in the industry. Aesthetic clinics usually come with multiple treatments such as botox, fillers, facial, whitening, hair removal laser, and scar laser. Example of few aesthetic clinics in Malaysia are Bella Clinic, Nexus Clinic, and Premier Clinic.

Aesthetic or beauty clinics can be considered as a fast way of generating high revenue as the clinic itself is operated by specialists and people can highly trust them. Take this path of opening a clinic if you do have a passion for it and large budget/investor.

Spa and Salon

Are you someone with many years of experience and are confident to handle people beauty requests? Or would you like to expand your current small beauty business? Then this one is for you.

How do you open a spa and salon? List those treatments that you would like to provide such as facial, hair, brow, lashes, nails, bath, massage, and some wellness treatments. You can even choose one niche or any niches you want. Then, you need to identify your target market and choose a strategic location. You can advertise your shop offline thru referral or thru organic and paid social medias.

The more treatments you are offering, the more people are attracted to come to your shop. As women tend to be loyal to places that provide them all the beauty essentials no matter the price. This is also a highly profitable business but also a business that tends to fail if you don’t apply the right strategies or just hop in without a plan.

Mobile Beauty Centre

Do you want to run your business other than in shops? Or do you feel like renting a shop is way out of your budget? Then, you can consider this mobile beauty centre business.

You can run this business either thru trucks or movable with your own car. Put up your business online showing treatments that you are offering so you can pull traffics to your business. Either organic or paid ads, both has its own benefits. If you have lots of followers online, then organic ads is a no problem for you. If you have a large budget, then you can add paid ads in your marketing methods.

Beauty treatments itself is high in demand. Some people has no time to walk in to shops or some has transport issues as most beauty shops are in cities. If they are in some rural areas or out of reach from this world, then mobile beauty centre helps a lot. LOL!

Commercial Cosmetic Products

If you have a passion of producing your own brand as you want to stand on your own, or you do not like selling other people’s stuffs, then commercial beauty products is for you.

The cost is undeniably high as other than you need to comply to the cosmetics regulations, you are required to conduct a R&D, splurge high amount of production, a high budget marketing costs, and also if you have your own factory, needs to consider the maintenance and staff wages.

Commercial cosmetics is multibillion dollar industry. As of 2021, the revenues for cosmetics business worldwide is USD80.784bn. And this year is USD100+bn in revenues and it is forecasted to increase as years go by.

Homemade Beauty or Skincare Products

Although people tend to show loyalty to their existing brands, a low-radar, small businesses can be attractive to them if they are offering the right items for them.

If you would like to make your own homemade brand, make sure to comply with the cosmetics regulations in your country so you can create a line of business that is safe for the consumers. When making your own products, make sure to have its own specialty or uniqueness so it can be set apart from other common cosmetics products. For an example, are they using a high beneficial natural herbs? Then show the benefits and testimonials. Do they come in DIY packaging? Then show it off. Show all the uniqueness and ‘Unique Selling Point’ in your products as it is highly helps you with the branding.

Homemade products if its being advertised with the right ways, it’s going to generate high revenues. There are many homemade business owners that make it thru millions of dollars with this business. If they can do it, so do you.

Ethics and Image Consulting

This is a business of helping people developing into their best self and increase their self-esteem. If you are someone that loves helping others and enlightening their life, you should consider this business.

So what is this business is all about? Basically ethics teach you on how to become a proper classy woman where they will teach things like manners, speaking femininely, eating etiquettes, and public etiquettes. For image consulting, it will helps you with finding your best color theme, clothings that suit you, makeups that look best on you, and self-confidence such as your mindset and posture, and way of walk.

This business has less of competitors therefore you are easy to stand out. If you are one of the pioneers, then you will have a high chance to succeed in this field.

Beauty Accessories

Are you someone that is creative with lots of ideas? Do you have lots of your mind that you would like to pour into physical things? Then you can try beauty accessories niche.

What kinds of beauty accessories that you can produce? There are lots such as makeup remover, makeup cleaner, hair combs, hair straightener, scrunchies, jewelleries, and so on. Start with low costs produce where you can find direct suppliers from China or even the local ones. Make your marketing strategies of where you wanna start and monitor your improvement from there.

There are lots of beauty accessories in the market as many are importing it from China. However, there is a high chance to succeed in this niche as consumers in the beauty industry loves buying from an independent brands as well if they fit them well. Do remember that, women nature are impulsive in buying and they do not care about the costs as long it helps and enhances their beauty.

Beauty Guru or Influencer

Nowadays especially in the year 2022, many are making success by being a Guru or an influencer. If you have the talent such as friendly, witty, and have lots of knowledge to share and talk about, this is the perfect role for you. Amount of followers doesn’t matter as people will eventually show their interests to such talented people.

Where should start to become a beauty guru or influencer? If you are more into blogging or writing, you can hop on a blog, Twitter, and Facebook as those are sharing platforms and you are free to write anything. If you are someone that likes to be in front of a camera, you should try be on Youtube and Tiktok.

Either ways, they will generate lots of profits for you. For an example, blogging/writing can end up with opportunities coming to you such as requests for review, modelling, or even become an ambassador for a brand if they find you are the right suit for them. For Youtube and Tiktok, you can make a huge profits from it plus if you have other social medias platforms, then it will be doubled up for you (reviews, modelling, ambassador, and etc). Few famous beauty Gurus and influencers are Nikita Dragun, Bretman Rock, Huda Kattan and Jefree Star. Surprisingly, all the names i said just now has their own makeup brand due to their famous influence and high amount of followers.

Book or E-Book

Are you someone that is good at writing or elaborating your points? Or do you finally think after all the works done at shop and also social medias, you also need to produce a book to provide your followers with a solid proof? Then you can consider this type of business.

How do you produce a book or an E-book? I would say firstly is you need to be an expert in the things you are writing about. If you are good at marketing, why would you write about finance? If you are good at playing football, why would you go play basketball and fail yourself? The more you are an expert at something, the more make sense your knowledge will be. Secondly, once you finish all your writings, print it out and make a copy online to be sold. Find a place to sell such as bookstore or an e-commerce platform such as Shopee.

Selling a book or E-book are easily to make profits. As your only costs are your time, your knowledge and some low costs printed papers. If its written online, then it only cost you your time and your knowledge.

How Social Leap Can Help With Your Beauty Business Ideas

Starting your own business is both profitable and enjoyable. However, the journey is not as easy as ABC. You need to do the management, accounting, organic reach, and also digital marketing. The rest you can do it on your own however for digital marketing there are lots of aspects you need to look on and have specific strategies.

Rather than you hire your own Facebook Ads Specialist, Tiktok Ads Specialist, Google Ads Specialist, Creative Designer or even renting a space to place them, and the list goes on… which the spendings can reach up to RM20K monthly. With our help, you can cut it more than half of the costs as we provide all the digital marketing essentials.

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