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8 Tools to Discover Market Trends

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Trend research involves tracking the phrases, products, and content that generate the most interest among your target demographic. Trend research takes the guesswork out of understanding your audience so you can spend more time promoting your products or services. Here are a few trending data tools to add to your toolbox for market trends:

These are 8 Tools that You Should Use

1. Semrush Market Explorer

The Market Explorer tool creates a visual overview of the current market in your selected country. Use the tool to review your market’s audience demographics, highlight any key competitors, estimate your current market share, and much more. 

2. Semrush Traffic Analytics

The Traffic Analytics tool allows businesses to gain insight into their competitor’s traffic and onsite activity. Use this tool if you want to evaluate a new market or to identify any trends among your competitors that you can tap into.

3. Google Trends

Google Trends is a free tool that can help identify topics to stay ahead of the curve. Keyword research is a pivotal part of creating content for websites and social platforms. It shows the terms and phrases people are searching for and which ones have the potential to be the most engaging to your customers.

4. Google Trends for Youtube

You can also use Google Trends’ YouTube filter to keep an eye on trending YouTube activity. Much like a regular Google Trends search, you can view worldwide, categorical, and specific country data for YouTube trends. 

Google also allows you to filter by how performance. For example, the search topic in the image above is currently set to view these results by which topics are rising in popularity. However, this can also be set to show the top search trends.

5. Youtube Trending Topics

YouTube has continued to dominate when it comes to content generation. And with no signs of slowing down, it’s essential that businesses can recognize when a trend may be emerging on the platform. 

Although your YouTube homepage will vary, it can still help you understand trends. You can also follow your closest competitors, celebrities, or influencers who are working with a competitor brand, or even completely new and diverse YouTubers that are establishing the current trends.

6. Pinterest Trends

While Pinterest isn’t often at the forefront of many marketers’ digital strategies, the platform has actually made massive strides in becoming one of the main players across the digital landscape. With 454 million active monthly users worldwide, it’s becoming harder to ignore the fact that brands need to connect with the type of user that Pinterest invites.

7. Instagram Trends

Instagram can often feel like a place where trends come and go within minutes, mainly due to the massive amount of content that materializes on the platform 24 hours a day.

Instagram also suggests accounts, hashtags, and general topics to follow based on their existing activity on the platform. The feature recognizes the hashtags a user searches for, so it’s worth using relevant, trending hashtags to improve the chance of a user having your account recommended to them.

8. Twitter Trending Topics

While it’s fairly easy to peek at the “Trending” tab Twitter offers on its website, it’s ikely that most of us have never dug much further than the trending topics in our specific location. However, you can also use the tool to identify trending topics worldwide. 

By using the “Advanced Search” option, users can delve deeper into the real-time trends that are happening all over the world. Visit to see additional search options.

Final Thoughts

Trends can help to identify opportunities for your business both for marketing and products. There are free tools, like Google Trends, YouTube Trendings, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram that can help you track trends on popular platforms.

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