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Are you an avid user of Tiktok platform? Then you must be aware of every small little changes that Tiktok has made. Tiktok alone is a platform that has rapidly grown since its first launched in 2016, much faster than any other platforms. Therefore, frequest changes need to be expected along with their continuous growing.

In this article, we are going to a great length in explaining on all the new Tiktok updates that is happening right now. Keep reading until the end to get all the updates.

What Changes Has Tiktok Implemented Recently?

1. Tiktok SEO

Are you familiar with SEO on google? In other terms search engine optimization where when you are searching something some websites appear on the list. So how does this happen? Firstly, they actually took good care of their website that they are able to appear on top of the searches in other words on-page SEO where there are certain things you need to make sure of its functionality so that Goggle can acknowledge your website. Secondly, they actually bid keywords using paid Google Ads to appear on top of search list. So, when Tiktok introduced this function, how does it actually works?

SEO Tiktok is not the same as SEO Google as they do not appear on the google search engine page. However, they do appear on the Tiktok search feature on the platform. How do you actually use the right keywords to appear on Tiktok searches? Firstly, try search on Tiktok for an example ‘tiktok ads’ and see the list of what people actually searched up for that you can use. Secondly, whenever you uploaded a video, there are three things you need consider which is you need to verbally say the word ‘tiktok ads’ in your video, write the word ‘tiktok ads’ in your video subs, write the word ‘tiktok ads’ in your descriptions, and put hashtag #tiktokseo along with other relevant hashtags.

It is mindblowing how Tiktok able to implement these great changes. They had went a great length in improving their platform for a pleasant user experience. Hoping to see more great changes in the future for Tiktok.

2. 10 Minutes Video Length

We have always wanted a longer video upload more than 3 minutes or 5 minutes. Finally, Tiktok has granted our wish. Now you are able to upload videos up more than the minutes.

So, how many minutes did Tiktok actually gave us? It’s a WHOLE 10 MINUTES!!! Sounds so good right? However, if you do want to make this maximum duration video, you need to know what are you going to film as Tiktok is a platform that everyone love to see a ‘review’ or ‘loop’ concept video. You cannot do a continuous filming at one scene without editing, filtering, or skipping to other parts as it will get boring. 10 minutes videos are in my opinion the maximum duration that you can make a video, as if you want longer than that, Youtube is your place.

Everyone should be glad for this change, as longer duration videos has been in demands for quite a time on Tiktok. Glad that Tiktok didn’t grant a 20 minutes or 30 minutes right? As that would not fit Tiktok identity which has been familiarised with short videos.

3. Delayed Push In Views

Have you ever noticed that your newly uploaded views rarely get the views? Or that suddenly there are thousand of views on old videos? Worry not, as this is the latest update from Tiktok which just implemented in September.

This new update is called delayed push in views where Tiktok will delay the views on your video and follow its new algorithm. However, it is advisable for you to not delete any of your uploaded videos as it can get views anytime.

Many has expressed concerns for this new update, however we need to understand that Tiktok is the fastest ever growing platform since its launch in 2016, beating other platforms ever existed. Therefore, they know better which is the best for their platform that is going to benefit them and also the users.

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